The Wandering Wolves Game Logs

The Wandering Wolves
The logo here was adapted from the The Lord Weird Slough Feg's album Traveller. The album cover was created by Martin Hanford. It is used without permission. No disrespect is intended. However, if either party is mad at me for it, they should and I'll cease and desist.
  1. Gamgilebo
    -Checking The Vehicle Bay
    -Leaving The Pirate Base
  1. Jump to Ugarun
    -Day 1
    -Dinner Conversation
    -Day 2
    -An Assignment for Vued
    -Study Break
  1. Ugarun
    -Arrival at Ugarun
    -Boarding Party
    -Meeting With Captain Foeghsaerrre
    -Approaching Ugarun-82
    -On Ugarun-82
    -Looking for Sarruero
    -Verroel Keeps Busy
    -Gzargve's Watering Hole
    -Meeting With Sarruero
    -Lunch With Fi Khong
    -Verroel Looks for Life Support Supplies
    -Verroel Texts Vued
    -The Walk Back
    -Back at the Ship
    -Fi Khong Arrives
    -Verroel's Private Tour
    -The Challenge
    -Change In Command
    -Sarruero Pays a Visit
    -A "New" Ship
  1. Envar
    -Arrival at Envar
    -Arrival at Envar Down
    -Envar Exports
    -Imperial Outfitters
    -Leaving Envar

  2. Gadushan
    -Arrival at Gadushan
    -Arrival at Gadushan Down
    -Leaving Gadushan

  3. Ninnigam
    -Arrival at Ninnigam
    -Arrival at Ninnigam Down
    -The Frosty Finger
    -Back at Happy Trails
    -Wandering Around
    -On to Ninnigam City
    -Dirshurshim's Dream
    -Leaving Ninnigam

  1. Angvae
    -The Trip to Angvae
    -Arrival at Angvae
    -Waking Up
    -Stepping Out
    -After Breakfast
    -Full Belly, Happy Wolf
    -Meeting With Grnouf
    -Back Upstairs
    -The Next Morning
    -Lunch and Leaving
  1. Ninnigam
    -Arrival at Ninnigam
    -Meeting With Liishaap
    -Leaving Ninnigam
    -The Jump to Angvae

  2. Angvae
    -Arrival at Angvae
    -The Next Day on Angvae
    -Lunch and Shopping
    -Grnouf Offers Advice
    -Traders' Bazaar
    -Leaving Angvae for Hteh Hut
  1. Hteh Hut
    -Arrival at Hteh Hut
    -Fi Visits the Physics Professor
    -Calling the Engineers
    -Fi Returns to the Ship
    -Strolling and Shopping
    -Imperial Outfitters
    -Tea and Then Some
    -After Tea and Then Some
    -Armor Hut
    -Freight to Miiko Belt
    -Leaving Hteh Hut

  1. Miiko Belt
    -Arrival at Miiko Belt
    -Miiko Belt Starport
    -Tending to Business
    -Verroel Meets With Togodzka
    -More With MB Importers
    -Togodzka Picks Up His Stuff
    -MB Importers Return
    -Fi and Vued Walk into a Bar
    -Verroel Joins Them at the Bar
    -A Call From MB Importers
    -Leaving Miiko Belt
  1. Errand Boys
    -Arrival at Suthgzu
    -Suthgzu Downport
    -Wandering Around
    -Leaving Suthgzu
    -Back to Miiko Belt
    -Leaving Again
    -The Trip to Roetingaz
    -Arrival at Roetingaz
  1. Curveball
    -Having Fun at the Vargr Cowboy
    -Returning the Wallet
    -Fi Escapes the Attack
    -Back to the Hangar Bay
    -Planning Verroel's Rescue
    -Fi Leaves Roetingaz

  1. Nightmare in Jumpspace
    -Verroel Wakes Up
    -Meeting the Major
    -Thawed Out
    -Frying Pan to Fire
    -Hunting for a Toolbox
    -Inside the Ship's Locker
    -Assault on the Cargo Hold
    -Formulating Another Plan
    -Sudden Exit from Jumpspace
    -Rush to Engineering
  1. Search and Rescue
    -Arrival at Voenggaks
    -After the Crash
    -Return to the Bridge for Planning
    -Cargo Hold Recon
    -Oort Cloud Distress Signal
    -Checking Out the Wreck of Kukagerrg's Ship
    -Back to Consciousness
    -A Fortuitous Reunion

-Time to Leave
-Scrambling From One Ship to the Next
-Desperate to Lift Off
-Return to Voenggaks Naval Base