The Wandering Wolves

The Wandering Wolves
The logo here was adapted from the The Lord Weird Slough Feg's fantastic album, Traveller. The album cover was created by Martin Hanford. It is used without permission. No disrespect is intended. However, if either party is mad at me for it, they should and I'll cease and desist.
Welcome to The Wandering Wolves home page. This was the online resource section for material specific to our game. It was a spin off of the Flaming Eye PBEM campaign that I've been running for some time.

Setting: 1126, along the coreward Vilani border with the Ngath Confederation.

Background: Verroel and Vuedueloghz were two corsairs in the Touzagh band. An attack on their base at Gamgilebo (Vland 1604) left everyone dead, including their fellow crewmembers. A solitary vargr left the marauding ship and claimed their ship, the Swift Little Biter, as his own. Somehow he had all the command codes. There wasn't anything they could do about it.

One week later, Verroel challenged the newcomer for control of the ship. It was quite a struggle but he won. Now they have to decide whether they're going to re-join their corsair brethren or find their own path.

Verroel—Captain & Engineer
Fi Khong—Pilot & Medic
DED's Dice Roller
Engineering Info
Game Logs
How Money Works IMTU
Happy Trails
Local Space - Maps smushed together to give the guys an idea of their surroundings.

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