Armor and Weapons

All armor and weapons utilize TNE specifications.

CM denotes a weapon designed by Claude Murdoch.


Flex Armor: TL-9 and up!

Handguns & SMGs

Koltsubishi Firearms HG15-BP9: A TL-15 9mm semi-automatic body pistol.

Koltsubishi Firearms HG15-SA45: A TL-15 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

Ma-57: An automatic pistol based on the Five seveN.

Ma-90: A TL-12 submachinegun based on the P90.

Nashisha Mk VII 10mm Snub Revolver: A TL-12 revolver of Vilani make. CM

Odzonfuegouz KHZ-10: An attempt to make a TL-10 equivalent of the SIG-Sauer MPX submachinegun, minus all the variations.

Strausse/Markam Mk XIII 4mm Selective Fire Auto-Pistol: A TL-13 gauss pistol. CM

Strausse/Markam MkXV-IV Personal Defence Weapon: A TL-15 gauss longarm. CM

Rifles & Shotguns

Instellarms Mk X Advanced Combat Rifle: The basic TL-10 ACR. CM

Instellarms ISAAA-18/12 Auto Shotgun: An automatic shotgun based on Military Police Systems' AA-12. CM

Koltsubishi Firearms' ACR15-XD: A TL-15 .45 caliber automatic rifle.

Koltsubishi Firearms' ACR15-7P: A TL-15 knock off of Instellarms Mk X ACR.

NeoArms 18mm/12 Shotgun: A shotgun based on an existing model manufactured by the Neostead Corporation. CM

Sodzerz RA10-K: A short-nosed assault rifle for close quarters combat.

Laser Weapons

Instellarms PX1105F Laser Pistol: TL-15 upgrade of a 5 cm DEI laser pistol. CM

Instellarms X1102D Laser Rifle: The MT standard TL-13 laser rifle converted into TNE stats. CM

Sodzerz LR63011 Laser Rifle: A TL-11 vargr knockoff of the Instellarms X1102D.

Heavy Weapons

Vilani VRF Gauss Gun: A TL-15 support weapon utilizing a 4 mm round. CM

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