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B.A.R.D., the website for the TNE community's
fan-sourced material, is now hosted here.
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What's New:  


Repaired the links on the Sector Info page that went to sectors hosted at B.A.R.D.


Thanks to Brett Kruger, I uploaded a copy of the old B.A.R.D. archive to my website without having to scrape the Wayback Machine for the files. Be forewarned, there are broken links, images, and what not. Over time I will repair them, update the code, and maybe spruce up the formatting. In the meantime, enjoy them as they are.


Added "The Morning After the Party" to the Flaming Eye game log.
Added "Scrambling from One Ship to the Next" to the Wandering Wolves game log.


Uploaded Dethenes subsector (Old Expanses subsector A).


Added "Time To Leave" to the Wandering Wolves game log.


Added "Back at the Ship" to the Flaming Eye game log.


Added "Checking Out the Local Raider Outpost" to the A Light in the Windhorn Rift game log.
Began restoration work on Old Expanses sector.

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