David Drazul


I'm offering proofreading and editing services to indie authors. I fell into it by accident. When I was a member of an indie book review blog, I often found typos that authors, or their proofreaders, missed. As a result, a couple of these authors decided to hire me to proofread their future works.

You're probably familiar with editing rates, but in case you aren't, visit the Editorial Freelancers Association. If you do the math, you'll find that my rates are much lower.

What I charge depends on the condition of the manuscript.
Proofreading:$1 per 400 words.
Copyediting$1 per 300 words.
Line Editing:$1 per 200 words.
Heavy Editing:$1 per 100 words.

What does that translate to? Let's say your work is 68,000 words. If the manuscript qualified for proofreading, the charge would be $170. The copyediting rate would be $227. The line editing rate would be $340. Heavy editing would be $680.

Proofreading is reserved for highly edited works that just need a pair of eyeballs to catch the occasional typo.

Copyediting covers punctuation usage, grammar, and spelling mistakes. I highlight them in the manuscript and provide the correction.

Line Editing looks for more structural issues. I make sure that there are no plot holes, character contradictions, or timing issues. If there are any problems in these areas, I report them first and make suggestions as to how they can be repaired while maintaing the author's voice. Aftewards, I delve into copyediting, so the price is inclusive.

Heavy Editing includes all of the above, but goes beyond them. It means that the manuscript requires extensive re-working to change the composition of paragraphs and/or their positioning within a chapter, sentence structure, narrative flow, solidifying characterization, and plugging major plot holes. It's more hands on, but I do my best to maintain the author's voice. The price includes subsequent line editing and copyediting.

If you're not sure which rate you qualify for, you can send me the first two to three chapters, and I'll review them to ascertain what state they're in and send you a quote. I'll also mark them up so you can get an idea of what sort of feedback you'll receive. Heavy Editing work typically requires a 20% deposit.

Edited Works:

M. Terry Green The Olivia Lawson Techno-Shaman series
Shaman, Healer, Heretic
Shaman, Friend, Enemy
Shaman, Sister, Sorceress
Shaman, Priestess, Pawn
Shaman, Lover, Warrior

The White World Chronicles

Rob Steiner Aspect of Pale Night

The Codex Antonius trilogy
Muses of Roma
Muses of Terra
Muses of the Republic

The Journals of Natta Magus
Citizen Magus
Shadow Magus
Wounded Magus
Natta Magus

Contact either author to get the scoop on my services.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please