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If you've got a comment for my blog or a question about anything I've written, please feel free to contact me using the form below. But if you're looking to have me review your book, go to the Podler Review Blog and submit it there.


Nope. Don't bother. I've disabled the script that enables you to send messages to me. No one does anyway. All I get are these empty emails. And SiteLock keeps telling me that I have malware on my site, but they won't tell me where. Instead, they just keep sending me commercial enterprise software sales pitches. So I'm forced to randomly eliminate functionality or else risk being ostracized by search engines or shutdown by my webhost, Fatcow. What happened, Fatcow? You guys used to be cool. Now all you do is raise my rent. Thanks, Fatcow. Way to stick up for the little guy.