Chances are you've come to this website for 1 of 2 reasons:
  1. You know me and wanted to figure out what the hell I was talking about
  2. You're a Traveller player
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For those of you who don't know Traveller, it's a science-fiction role playing game (think Dungeons & Dragons but sci-fi and you'll have an idea) that's been around for about 30 years. It relies on the players to use their imaginations and suspend disbelief for awhile. It's fun if you're into that sort of thing. Unlike D&D though, we don't have to worry about the game being accused of nonsense like inspiring devil worship. It's more involved than Magic and its ilk but more rewarding. It's less intense than Doom and its ilk but more than just hack and slay (though that's alot of fun too).

The game has been through 8 incarnations since its inception in the 70's:
  • Traveller, aka Classic Traveller (CT)
  • MegaTraveller (MT)
  • Traveller: The New Era (TNE)
  • Marc Miller's Traveller (T4)
  • GURPS: Traveller (GT)
  • T20
  • Traveller: The New Era 1248 (1248)
  • Mongoose Traveller (MongTrav)
Each version has its supporters and detractors. I won't go into it here. All I care about is that people are playing the game and keeping it alive, especially since the companies that make Traveller had a tendency of going out of business.

For those of you who know Traveller I apologize for the D&D comparison but I had to give people an idea.

This web site will be what game info I can provide for referees to enhance their game. I'll be focused on Sector Data and a good deal of it can be found elsewhere on the web. Other sections are House Rules and Equipment. I offer lots of links. Why reinvent the wheel?

The sector information that I provide is for the years circa 1120 and 1202. In the future, I plan on offering 1248 info, but that won't be for some time. The 1120 info should be usable for anyone playing CT & MT campaigns. The offsite sector links that I provide are typically to those running TNE campaigns and most, if not all, also provide pre-Collapse info as well.

T4 folks are out of luck as I'm over a thousand years in their future.

Those running GURPS Traveller might be able to use make some use of the site. Although it's an alternative timeline that completely blows off the Rebellion and everything that comes after it (since SJG is forced by their contract not to publish anything pertaining to the Rebellion, Virus, TNE, etc.), GURPS is based on CT. As mentioned above, the sector data for 1120 should still be usable, except for allegiances.

T20 is rules system that uses a d20 as the basis of its game mechanics. It began to publish material for the years 993-1116 before floundering. At this time it is unknown if the company that makes the product will survive. Irregardless, T20 GM's should be able to use the material here. The CT material is applicable for the 993-1116 period.

The 1248 setting is to be the true New Era. The "old" New Era has been reclassified as The Recovery Period. Avenger Enterprises, in conjunction with Comstar Games, are in charge of this milieu. They're also putting out material for TNE-1202 and CT. 1202 UWP's should be of use for those wishing to extrapolate to 1248. Avenger Enterprises has released sector material that overwrites fan material.

Marc Miller has gone ahead with T5. There have been several release dates but AFAICT, it's still in beta.

In the meantime, Mongoose Publishing is currently running Traveller. The initial setting is the Spinward Marches in 1105. That makes this site usable for MongTrav players.

My old campaign has ended. It ran from 1120 - 1134. The setting was "Behind The Claw." The pc's adventured from the Trojan Reach to Provence and all points in-between.

For the next campaign, the players wanted to play during the Virus years so I started them off at 1139, not long after the Rape of Trin. They're currently performing reconaissance for the RQS in the Denebian Wilds. This campaign is currently in 1142 and will be on hiatus for a while.

The current PBEM I'm running is DGP's The Flaming Eye. We're about halfway done. If everyone survives, and there's interest, we'll proceed into the future. Whether that future is the Collapse, The Recovery Period, or The New Era is anyone's guess at this point.

Comments, criticisms, and questions may be directed .

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